San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT
San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT
San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT
San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT
San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT
San Antonio, TX Physical Therapy - Puckett PT

Based in San Antonio, Serving Boerne, Helotes, Stone Oak & the Surrounding Areas

We help Athletes Recover From Injury, Get Relief From Pain and Improve Performance.
Our mission is to help athletes and active adults in San Antonio, TX get back to the sports and workouts they love without injections, pain killers, or multiple trips to the physicians office.
You need a sports rehab expert on your team to help you succeed, we are here for you. This isn’t your grandma’s physical therapy clinic. We specialize in sports injury rehab, return to sport rehabilitation, ACL injury and post surgery rehab, ACL injury prevention and sports performance. We have the experience, expertise and sports facility to cater to the specific needs of athletes. This is where you need to be in order to get back in the game!

Dr. Chris Goodwin PT, DPT has over 30 years of experience as a physical therapist and has worked with athlets and people from every sport and walk of life.  As a former competitive swimmer, diver, water polo player and recreational cyclist, Dr Goodwin knows how to treat athletes the right way! 


Dr Goodwin is a Certified Manual Therapist and former Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapists.  He has provided return to sport care for athletes from elementary school to semi-pro and professional, including players for the San Antonio Spurs, Kansas City Chiefs, San Antonio Talons arena football team, UTSA, UT Austin, and collaborative training room care for multiple NISD football programs

He is passionately dedicated to lifelong learning and patient centered care and is also a PT patient himself.
"Above all, I LISTEN to patients and include their wants, needs, and goals as the core of their rehabilitative care"


Dr. Goodwin enjoys spending time with family, working in his garden and is a self proclaimed nerd at heart.

Dr. Puckett has been a PT for over 12 years and has over 6 years experience working for the Spurs team physicians.  He graduated from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has focused on sports rehab ever since.  He is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and has a passion for helping athletes of all ages achieve their goals.  He is a husband to Diana and proud father of two athletes.  By the grace of God, he is a living kidney donor and attends church with his family where he learns to better love and serve others.

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Your physical therapy session will always be a private, one-on-one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This affords you the time, attention and relationship with your sports rehab expert that you deserve. Other clinics are unable to offer this one-on-one attention therefore your time is mostly spent supervised by an un-credentialed employee doing exercises that you can do on your own. Not at Puckett Physical Therapy. Our standard of concierge care puts you and your goals center stage. We are here for you so that you will experience the highest level of care we can provide.
We have worked with professional, college, high school and amateur athletes for over 11 years therefore we understand that each athlete has different needs and health goals and we ensure that all our physical therapy is tailored to each individual athlete and their personal needs. We know that it is important for each athlete who comes through our doors to understand their diagnosis and to take an active role in their treatment and recovery. Puckett Physical Therapy’s doctors of rehab work closely with you to get to the root of the problem and help you move better and perform better. We will always design the ideal treatment plan that meets your specific needs and we always keep one thing in mind; you and your total well-being.


Education is a key part of getting back on the right track to health. Our therapists always want to make sure that you understand your problem and that you are comfortable with exactly how your program will progress. We will guide you along the the way and teach you how you can improve and maintain your current sports performance at the clinic and in your game. We teach you how to help yourself so that you can get better and stay better. If there is ever anything you do not understand, Puckett Physical Therapy’s PTs are always available to ask questions because understanding your treatment is the first step in ensuring you will make a full recovery and return to your sport.


Puckett Physical Therapy offers a variety of different services at our clinic to get you back in the game as fast as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, are recovering from an injury, grueling workouts or recent surgery, we have you covered.
Some of the exceptional and customized services we offer include:

ACL Rehabilitation
Dry Needling
Blood Flow Restriction Training
Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilization
Sports therapy
Injury Prevention Programs
Corrective Exercise
Strength Training
Return to Sport Rehab


Physical Therapy is an excellent treatment for a wide range of injuries.
Some of the most common conditions we treat at our clinic include:

Sports Injuries
Post Surgical Rehab
Musculoskeletal injuries
ACL Injuries
Elbow and wrist pain
Foot and ankle pain
Hip and knee pain
Repetitive strain or overuse injuries
Shoulder pain

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If you are tired of living with pain, have a new injury or ailment, or you just want to become more competitive in your sport, visit our athlete-focused physical therapy clinic today and we will help you overcome any obstacle. With Puckett Physical Therapy on your team, victory awaits you!

Let us assist you on your road to recovery: