Maybe It Will Get Better – The 5 Most Dangerous Words in the English Language?

How often do we feel odd pain or discomfort throughout the day? And what do we or should we do with this sensory information?

Most discomfort is a normal side effect of our day to day activities. However, when we feel a recurring or ongoing pain sensation, sometimes it may indicate a more severe problem that needs attention.

So, what happens if we ignore the signals our body sends us or when we assume things will just get better?

How does pain affect us?

When we feel pain, our ability to control movement in the affected area of our bodies is significantly reduced. What does this mean? Simply put, our awareness of movement in that area is decreased by the experience of pain. Without movement awareness we cannot hope to have control of our bodies! As we continue to work that body part in pain, this lack of control can result in more serious problems that continue to worsen over time.

As a result, we start to unconsciously change the way we hold and move our bodies that may lead to stress and strain on other body parts that are being abnormally used for a task for which they are not designed.

The Result Over Time

Over time this process can become a habit that is hard to break! With the habit of hurting we may enter into a new phase where the pain itself becomes the problem instead of the original injury.

How do we know if the pain is normal?

How do we know when a pain signal is normal or not? Most normal use pain will resolve within a few days to a week or two. The best advice is to seek help when:

Your pain is more than and ache, and;
You have tried rest and over the counter medications without significant improvement within 3-7 days.

Where should I go?

Physical therapists, like the skilled doctors of physical therapy at Puckett Physical Therapy are the best place to start when you are in pain. We can get you in for care the same week that you contact us with no need for a physician referral or prescription.

Our three step program starts with working with you to fix your pain. Then we will help to identify and correct the root cause of your pain. Finally we can help you optimize your mobility and strength to maximize your performance and prevent recurrences of the problem!