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Physical Therapy for athletes should look different than physical therapy for the general population. Athletes have different needs and wants and thus their rehab program should live up to and exceed those demands. I provide care that challenges each athlete specific to their sport and this gives them the confidence they need to get back in the game.

I have over 6 years of experience working for the San Antonio Spurs team physicians. I specialize in treating athletes and have extensive experience with middle school, high school and college athletes. Athletes require different care due to the physical demands on their bodies. I design specific programs to address these demands. This isn't your grandma's physical therapy session! Most physical therapists have a broad knowledge of orthopedics and spend most of their time treating a much older population. They have limited time, resources and knowledge in working with athletes. Also, most facilities don't have the space or equipment to adequately rehab athletes. I use our 35 yards of indoor turf, the half court basketball floor, batting cages, and large weight room on a daily basis with my athletes.

I am extremely confident this will be the premiere level of sports rehab that you deserve at Puckett Physical Therapy!

Our indoor facility showcases:

  • 35 yards of turf
  • Half court basketball
  • Two batting cages
  • Large weight room
  • Vertimax trainer
  • Prowlers
  • Medicine Balls
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Agility equipment and more

I don't stop with just the physical nature of rehab. I like to get to know my athletes, communicate with them and help build their confidence back up. There is a large mental component to returning to sports and I can help address these issues as well. There is no doubt, athletes will feel right at home working with Puckett Physical Therapy.

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