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Blood Flow Restriction Training takes advantage of the body's natural physiological processes to build strength without lifting heavy weight. The electronic tourniquet system reduces blood flow to the limb you are targeting which means less oxygen for the muscles to use. This forces the muscles to work much harder. There is a build up of lactic acid (the burning feeling you get when lifting heavy), which triggers the body to release growth hormones, muscle building cells, proteins and healing factors. Basically, your body thinks you are lifting heavy when you really aren't. This means that if you've had a surgery and cannot lift heavy weights you can still get similar gains by training with BFR. Or, if you have joint arthritis, tendinitis or simply pain that prevents you from lifting heavy weights, you can use BFR to build strength. BFR is also a great supplement to your strength and conditioning program. Since you aren't causing muscle breakdown, recovery time from a BFR session is only 4 hours. That means you can do this training in season without affecting your performance! Schedule your first session for FREE!

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